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Origin Games Fair 08

Hard to believe that its that time again!

Michael and I will be going to Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio. June 25-29.
This year they have expanded gaming hours into Wednesday, although the exhibit hall will not open till Thursday.

There will be an Explosion at Origins this year!
if you want to be part of it you can post a response to this entry or email me at
indiegamesexplosion @ gmail . com

Game Title:
Edition of game:
Event Title:
Event Description:
How long is the event:
How many players?:
How many times do you want to run this event?:
What Days and Times:
What level of maturity:
DO the players need to bring anything:
Do you have any special needs?:


Name: Kat Miller
Game Title: Serial
Edition of game: Current
Event Title: Murder is Relative
Event Description: Its both a small world and very large family, you may not remember me but I always see you at the annual family reunion. You seem like a nice person. You have you own hopes and fears just like me. He sees us too, and I don’t know if he is one of us, or just lonely but he want to get together more often…at funerals. Who is this killer of our family and can he be stopped before your hopes follow you to the grave.
How long is the event: 4 hours
How many players?: 5
How many times do you want to run this event?: 2
What Days and Times: Thursday 8pm-10pm, Friday 2pm-4pm
What level of maturity: over 18 preferred.
DO the players need to bring anything: NO
Do you have any special needs?: NO

As soon as I get enough games gathered together I will be putting up the Indie Games Explosion list of games linked here for your convenience.

If you want a free badge for origins and plan on running at least 4 games then let me know as I will need additional information from you then.

Looking forward to a great Convention season,

Kat Miller
Indiegamesexplosion at gmail dot com

Link to Games IGE is offering at Origins 08:
tea an me

Games On Demand

Games On Demand will be located on the 2nd Floor of the Hyatt this year.
They will be in the Hyatt's Regency Ball Room sections E-F.
There will be six long tables ( 8'x30" ) in the Ballroom for G.o.D.
The G.o.D. events will be available from 10am-6pm Thurday-Saturday and 10am-2pm Sunday.
There will be 2 Table Custodians serving a 4 hour shift. 

Table Custodians will
1. Help you find space at a table.
2. Collect Generic Tickets from everyone but the GM.
3. Record the names of the games are being played
a. when the game starts
b. how many players
c. when the game should end
4. Maintain the Meet-Up Board
a. Hand out Post-its, and Pens for those who want to arrange a meet-up.
b. Remove any Meet-Up Post-its that have passed
c. Keep board free of non Meet-up Notes.
5. Run an Indie Game.
6. Brief the next shift GM's on which games are currently in play and when they should end.

Important Note:
Games on Demand is not a place where a Person can show up demanding a specific game be run just for them.  Games on Demand is the place to go if your curious about indie games and want to play a full game rather than a demo.  On the rarest of incidents that there are no Game designers nor Indie Gm's just waiting to run a game, the table Custodian will be able to run what ever game he or she has prepared. 

This year there will Be A Meet-Up Board at the G.o.D. Area.  Check out the Board and see which games are looking for players at later times.  Set up a Game Meet-Up using the Post-its provided. 

If you’re a fan of Indie Games and want to Run a Indie game come to the G.o.D. Area.
There is no Generic Ticket charge for Gms.  Use the Meet-Up Board and arrange a game for a different time.

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Sake Guy

Games On Demand: Use Me!

Hey all, sorry for the late startup. When Kat was organizing all the IGE/GOD stuff earlier this year, there wasn't much of a chance that I'd get out to GenCon. Recently, there was some twisting of arms, plus the realization that I needed to get the hell out and meet some friends, so I want to make myself available for GoD.

I saw the previous post with the schedules of "ticket takers" and all. I can help out with that (subbing in for the assigned person when needed, or just providing company), or of course with the throwdown of some cool random games.

So, I guess my thing is that I'm looking for more info on specifically how the GoD area is going down this year: How it will work (from collecting tickets to arranging games), challenges, etc. I saw the initial Forge post for this year, but as time went on it became a little scattered.

Looking for ways that I can help make it a killer event. I'm willing to put in about 6-8 hours a day, as well as learn some games I never got around to learning so that I can run them at some poing (Dogs (played a lot, never GMed), Dictionary of Mu, etc).


tea an me

Gen Con update

I spent yesterday inputting all 52 Events into the Gen Con website.
Ive registered events at a number of Cons, but I have to say the Gen Con site is the smoothest to work with.
as it is we're not officially registered yet.  all I did was input the events.  They allow you to hold them there.
Today with fresh eyes I'm going to double check my work before submitting each one.
I am also going to submit the GM badge list today hoping I can get the codes needed so that when
Registration opens we can buy tickets for these events.

There are 54 Events listed on the Indie Games Explosion Website, Thanks to Jae. 
There is a spot on My Websites for NON-Indie games, so for my Gm's who support their favorite Indie Rpgs and also like to run a good game of something commercially or non selfowned/selfpublished, I can list that on my website as well.

Here is the Link to our Huge Explosion at Gen Con: http://www.enter.net/~whim/Conventions/Gencon07IGE.html

If you see a mistake on the schedule, let me know before 6pm tonight.
and I'll still be able to make a change, because Ive registered the Games as they are off the IGE Schedule.
I did that so that My Gms can check my work before I submit anything.
If you see one after 6 there is nothing I can do.
those games will have already been submitted


tea an me

Schedule Updates

Ok Origins is all taken care of.

The schedule has been posted here:
and I've sent in the registrations along with th list of GMs

Ive collected ALL the Gencon stuff and posted the Schedule here:

Look it over and get back to me ASAP with any changes. 

I will be putting together the Dex Con schedule after Ive finished registering everyone for Gen Con
Look for a schedule of games to go up around the 7th.

thanks to everyone,

tea an me

DEX CON Deadline April 15th

OK Dex Cons Deadline: Vinnie wants to post a schedule by the end of April.
So I'm going to need your list of games by April 15th!
Here is what you do, Copy this into your reply to this thread.  I'm trying to keep all events in one place:

Game Title:
Edition of game: 
Event Title:
Event Description: 
How long is the event:
How many players?:
How many times do you want to run this event?:
What Days and Times:
What level of maturity:
DO the players need to bring anything:
Do you have any special needs?:


Name:   Kat Miller
Game Title:  Serial
Edition of game:  Current
Event Title:  Save us!
Event Description:  We are the victims. We once had everyday lives and personal hopes.  Will I get that promotion?  Will David finally ask me out?  Will my sister ever forgive me?  There is a killer on these streets ending our hopes with brutal force.  How long before this killer is finally caught?  How many of us have to die?
How long is the event: 2 hours
How many players?: 5
How many times do you want to run this event?: 3
What Days and Times:  Thursday 8pm-10pm, Saturday 2pm-4pm
What level of maturity: over 18 preferred.
DO the players need to bring anything: NO
Do you have any special needs?:

As soon as I get some events I'll post up the Dex Con Schedule website.  Looking forward to a great Con!
-kat miller

GenCon 07 Games On Demand / IGE

I also posted this to the Forge and Story Games

Kat and I have been in touch with GenCon about securing table space and promotional opportunities for the Indie Games Explosion and Games On Demand. I’d like to discuss these two things separately, as the registration deadline for events is very early in April, and we’d like to get these finalized as soon as possible.

The Indie Games Explosion at GenCon is a collection of scheduled events of independent RPGs being run at the con. If you would like to run a scheduled event as part of the Indie Games Explosion, please contact Kat’s e-mail (whim at enter dot net) as soon as possible. If you run enough games, you can have the cost of your GenCon attendee badge refunded (does NOT apply to exhibitor badges). At the present time, only one person has sent us events to be included in the Explosion. This looks like a tiny Explosion compared to previous years, and we invite you to join us and run some great games!

Games On Demand was a big experiment last year. The idea is simple: Show up at a table with an indie game you want to play. Maybe there will be some folks there willing to play it with you. Turn in a generic ticket and PLAY. At GenCon 2006, we learned about how the idea worked in practice and hope to expand it this year.

Games On Demand works because of the Table Custodians who collect the tickets, run some of the games, connect players with GMs, play in some of the games, and generally have a good time. However, at the moment, NO ONE has volunteered to be a Table Custodian for Games On Demand 2007. [I]This is a big problem.[/I] Without Table Custodians, Games On Demand cannot function.

The Games On Demand tables run on three 4-hour shifts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday—they are 10am to 2pm, 2pm to 6pm, 6pm to 10pm. Sunday has a single shift from 10am to 2pm. That’s ten shifts. If Kat and I each take one, that leaves eight unfilled shifts. [b]If we don’t have volunteers for those shifts by next Sunday, March 25, there will be no Games On Demand at GenCon this year.[/b]

Furthermore, if we are only able to get one Table Custodian per shift, Games On Demand will operate on the same scale it did last year. If we want to expand, we need more Table Custodians.

If you want to be part of one of the coolest events at GenCon, you can sign up for a specific shift in this thread, or by e-mail to Kat (whim at enter dot net). Thanks!
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Games on Demand Logo

Just an Update:
Working on specifics for The GoD event.
here are a couple of Logo designs:

I'm really liking the bottom one.

I need to write up a Paragraph or two describing Games on Demand as well.

I still need table custodian volenteers